This is Modern Living
Starting with Algorithms

Episode 1

This is a trek through what it means to live right now. How does reliance on technology actually change who we are?

There are lots of questions to answer and, in this first episode, we’re beginning our look at algorithms.


Devil’s Avocado is a show Josh did with Glenn Peters. There are 13 episodes for you to download.

Read about Uber’s price increase during a snowstorm.

This is the Wired article in which Travis Kalanick discusses Uber’s algorithm.

The New York Times investigated whether surge pricing was gouging.

The Washington Post looked at how the surge pricing works.

The Economist hosts the Big Mac Index

Enjoy the page-turner that is John Harris’s A new short Treatise of Algebra; with the geometrical construction of equations as far as the fourth power or dimension, Together with a specimen of the nature and algorithm of fluxions.

Find out more about Alan Turing.

Proof that Desk Set was released in 1957.

Albert Borgmann was a philosopher who introduced the term "device paradigm" in his book Technology and the Character of Contemporary Life: A Philosophical Inquiry, which basically explores everything Josh is trying to explore but not in podcast form.

Flora Salim talks about racist cameras.

Eric Myer’s excellent post about Facebook’s "Year in Review"

ArsTechnica reported on Facebook’s apology to Eric Myer.

Carla McKee did the visual identity for the podcast. She’s working on a whole bunch of things to look wonderful.