Yes there are.

I’ve been working on them. They are in the pipeline. They are coming.

Also, I haven’t been working on them. I’ve been avoiding them. I’m terrified of them.

Both cases are true.

My grand plans were grander than they were planned.

But This is Modern Living lingers behind my right ear, asking me when it’s going to get its moment in the sun. It has built up form and has grown from an insect to an ogre. Still, always, just behind my right ear.

It’s a podcast and if you’re subscribed to the podcast, your device should update automatically when a new episode is posted.

Episode 3 is almost finished and getting closer every day.

It all takes so much longer than expected and I have no external deadlines to force me into working harder.

This is the dilettante’s lament.

This pile of started and unfinished projects is Modern Living.

Meanwhile, you can busy yourself by learning about how the EU might require companies to explain why their algorithms make the judgement calls they do.